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Covid-19 Safety Measures

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Infection Control Measures


Under government guidelines the clinic is mandated to remain open during Level 5 restrictions

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us,

Covid-19 Safety Measures
We are following HSE Covid-19 guidelines.

We will screen you for appropriateness of attending the clinic for treatment. If any of the following applies to you we will recommend you have a telephone consultation prior to the decision to attend the clinic:


(1) underlying medical conditions: including but not limited to: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, taking immunosuppressant medications

(2) age over 70

(3) contact with recent COVID case

(4) recent travel outside of Ireland

(5) working in a medical area treating Covid-19 patients


Ultimately, as appropriate, it is your personal decision to attend the clinic.


Clinic policies and procedures:


Contract Tracing

We keep records of attendances in the clinic and temperatures for HSE and occupational work practices. This is for contract tracing policies. The information would only be released under legal public health policy etc.

Signs and Symptoms

We ask staff and patients not to attend the clinic if they have signs or symptoms of respiratory infection including:

  1. High temperature

  2. Shortness of breath

  3. Breathing difficulties

  4. Cough

Temperature Checks

All patients and staff have temperature checks on arrival to ensure temperature is below 38℃. Temperature is taken with an infrared non-contact thermometer. Reading is recorded in a book.

This is done at all appointments.

Hand Sanitising

Hand sanitizers with 70% alcohol is available at the reception and throughout the clinic and in all treatment rooms. Hands are sanitised on arrival.

Gloves do not need to be worn. Physiotherapists will wear gloves as usual for dry needling. Physiotherapists may wear gloves at other times to reduced constant exposure to alcohol on their hands. The gloves are sanitised.

Physiotherapists will sanitise their hands when leaving or entering the treatment rooms. 


The clinic room is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every patient using disinfectant.

Face masks
All patients must wear a face mask.

All physiotherapists must wear a facemask.


Personal Protective Equipment

Our physiotherapists will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), such as a faceguard etc


Appointment and waiting room
We will minimise clinic numbers to ensure social distancing and have reduced our appointment numbers to reduce crossover of patients,

Our reception area has perspex guards.

Currently, our waiting room is closed.

We will ask you to wait in your car and we will bring you straight into the clinic treatment room. 

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